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 Special Plywood 

Product description
Panel created to meet the most demanding architectural requirements obtained from applying custom designed veneer compositions on to 4mm plywood.

Horizontal veneer grain

Horizontal grain on internal veneer and vertical grain on external band

Custom designs - Exclusives
We listen to our customers imagination to make a unique custom designed product.

Available wood types − Maple, Alder, Afromosia, Birch, Bubinga, Chestnut, American Cherry, European Cherry, Daniel, Douglas Fir, Doussie, Berlinia, Andem-evine, Beech, Ash, Iroko, Koto, Larch, Mansonia, Mahogany, White Walnut, Burr Walnut, National Walnut, Elm (USA), Common Alder, Padauk, Rosewood, Pear, Pine Equity, Knotted Pine, European Oak, Blanched Oak, Tanganika, Tavar, Teak, White Toulipier, Green Toulipier, Wengé, Zebrano.

Other types of wood and a vast range of burl are available on request : (Madrona - Myrtle - Californian Walnut - Elm - Poplar - Mahogany Feather - European Oak - etc.).

Gluing classes
Class 1 (interior) IF 20
Class 2 (wet room) A 100
Class 3 (exterior) AW 100

Release of formaldehyde − Class E1

Product quality (panel faces) − A/R (The rear "R" is only used to balance the panel made of Poplar or Fromager).

Standard sizes (mm) − 2120 x 0720/0820/0920 − 2220 x 0720/0820/0920/1050/1250 − 2520 x 1250 − 2820 x 1250 − 3030 x 1250 − 3200 x 1250 (other sizes are avaiable on request)

Standard thickness (mm) − 4 (5 sheets) (other thiknesses are avaiable on request)

Use − Custom designed doors and Furniture.


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